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President's Message
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In Memoriam 
     On February 15th, the Bar Association of Montgomery County and many of its members lost a dear friend in William (Bill) C. Davis, III. To state that he was an excellent attorney practicing with a number of distinguished Law Firms wouldn't begin to describe Bill as our friend. He was always generous with his time and talents.  He skillfully helped organize and run the committee to reelect our Sitting Judges as noted in the moving eulogy given by David Merkin. 
     Bill always had a kind word, an easy smile and quick comeback to teasing from his colleagues. Not long ago Mimi Magyar asked what I thought of Bill's new facial hair (Goatee). When I replied that I had never before met Robin of Locksley or his merry men Bill simply rolled his eyes smiled and shook his head. A class Bill Davis response!
I always assumed that I would be able to enjoy his good company for many years to come.  Bill will truly be missed!  I wish to extend condolences to Mimi Magyar, Bill’s children and extended family. 
     On a happier note, at our last Bar Luncheon we were pleased to honor courthouse employees Joette Gangley, Sandy Thorogood, and Tom Murray for completing thirty five years of exemplary service to the Judiciary, members of our Association and the People of Montgomery County. When you see them please extend your appreciation. We wish them the very best in their well-deserved retirement.

In summation
An open letter to Lynn Boynton, our 2015-2016 Bar President

     Dear Lynn, I wish to extend to you my sincere congratulations and best wishes as you begin your term on April 17 at our annual meeting.  It is hard to believe that a year has passed since you became President Elect. With the support of your husband, Larry, and the assistance of Julie Petersen, Cindy Brandenburg, and the entire Bar Association staff this should prove to be an exciting year.
     There are a number of things that I have learned this past year that I thought might be of interest to you.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that at the ABA meetings in Chicago and Boston that our progressive county association and its Executive Director were both well-known and respected. Many of the new programs that the ABA was touting at those meetings had for some time been successfully adopted and further developed by our association.  These programs include Long Range Planning, the Leadership Academy and a myriad of programs to enhance the enjoyment of the practice of law. 
     What many of our members still may not realize is how many meaningful benefits we provide. Our challenge will be to encourage our members to go to our website, utilize these services, and discuss them with others. These important services and benefits are not simply the discounts to restaurants, legal supplies, and support services to law firms, travel and health. They include a number of important programs which are still regrettably underutilized.
Many members may still be unaware that we have revamped our Ethics Committee as well as the Lawyer Assistance Committee to provide greater support and protection to our members and their clients. Our community outreach programs with local charities have been more successful than ever; yet need to be expanded to magnify the service to our community.
     One of the most important challenges to any association is to grow and expand membership. Our single greatest challenge is to get more members involved and overcome what appears on its face to be "apathy".  In reality our members are committed to their practices and families and they don't often have unaccounted for spare time on their hands. Our challenge is to let them know that even a small commitment of time can yield great benefit to the association while enriching their lives.
     I can't understate my surprise at the overwhelming willingness of members to help when I have called asking for assistance. Likewise the willingness of our sponsors to generously support our educational, social "Bar Bashes" and community service programs in an ever expanding manner in the future is gratifying.
     As you have already seen, our members have responded with great enthusiasm in support of your program to honor and serve those veterans who have served our country.  I am certain that they will embrace your effort to recognize and provide assistance in our country’s growing heroin crisis. 
     Marcela and I have enjoyed every moment of the past year and I hope that your experience will be equally enjoyable. Remember you are not alone; with the assistance and support of our members I know that you will be tremendously successful.  
     I want to extend a very special thank you to Julie Petersen, for patiently listening to all my new ideas with a straight face, Cindy Brandenburg for keeping me organized and to the remainder of our Bar Association and Bar Foundation staff who made this a wonderful year: Maria Delgado, Jorge Miranda, Yesenia Mendez, Monika Celly, Monica Carranza, Debbie Craven, Jennifer Diaz, and Gabriela Orticochea.
With best wishes for continued success,

Mal Snyder