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Social Media / Technology Committee

Please check out the BAMC on Facebook (search “Bar Association and Bar Foundation of Montgomery County”), as well as twitter and Instagram (@bamc_law).  If you are a Committee Chair or a Section Chair, and you would like the Bar Association to promote something on social media for your Committee or Section, please contact Keith Rosa or Jessica Blumberg.


Techlectic ... by Pat Hoover

Imagine...No more leaving your computer on and running overnight to finish off those hefty cloud backups. No more upload-or-download timeouts because of those, gimongous file transfers. No more streaming video interruptions (cursed caching) that invariably pop up in the middle of your family movie night or, during that expensive, online sports event.  No more forced do-overs after patiently waiting for that crucial data transfer to fully download, only to watch it suddenly stop, crash and burn. No more having to chunk your "big" data files into a multitude of smaller files. And no more screwing around with those hated abominations, zip files. Imagine being live on the Internet using insanely fast load speeds.

Internet Nirvana!

As I write this, I am online with Google Docs writing this column via my new Internet service connection: Verizon FIOS Gigabit Speed.  It is unbelievably quick. Very, very fast! And the best part, I’ve achieved real gigabit speed for only another $20/month, jumped up from the 150 Mbs hard wire speed (which I almost never really saw) that Verizon had been promising. And now? Well, now there's no question, so worth it. And if like me, youve cut the cord on your cable TV provider, youll both need and really appreciate the awesome speed increase with FIOSs new Gigabit Speed service.

It took a bit of work to configure the new Gigabit service to make it play nice with my Apple computers and routers. After two calls and 90 minutes total with both Verizon and Apple tech folk, my Apple wifi network and several Apple hardware devices all work well together with Verizon's new service, FIOS Gigabit. Ever since, it's been working flawlessly and consistently handing off insane Net speeds to as many as  20 different devices, simultaneously! If yours is a MS Windows environment, you should have no problem. You may not need a new modem or even a visit from Verizon, I didn't.

FIOS Gigabit Speed is so good I only wish I could dump my Comcast for Business Internet, "Triple Play" account and switch to FIOS Gigabit at the office!

According to industry experts, Verizon has, until recently, taken a big hit in its cellular service and only recently, did they abandon their thuggish refusal to offer mobile users an unlimited data plan.

However, if its new FIOS Gigabit Speed service takes off, as IMHO it surely will, Verizon will quickly weather its cell service losses through big increases in its Internet service division. It's that good.

FYI: I have never owned any part of Verizon or its affiliates :)


Jessica Blumberg
Keith Rosa



September 20, 2017
November 16, 2017*
January 25, 2018
March 22, 2018
May 24, 2018
June 21, 2018
*to be held in the lower level conference room

Meetings are held at 5:30PM in the upstairs conference room of the Bar Association building.