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School Mock Trials
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2017 High School Mock Trial Winner:
Winston Churchill High School 


I want to thank all of the attorneys and Judges for participating in the High School Mock Trial Competition. 

Jessica Markham                      Anthony Homer                       Callie Carnemark                    

Wanda Martinez                       Richard Finci                           Jody Malmstrom                     

Steve Blomberg                       Jeff Hannon                             Virginia Joehl                                  

Jeff Harab                                Kristina Badalian                     Brian Frank

Mort Faller                               Marjorie Dilima                        Heather Sweren                      

Glenn Cooper                          David De Jong                         Richard Schimel                     

Bernard Dennis                      Jeremy Rachlin                        Scott Futrovsky                                   

Jack Quinn                              Christopher Fogleman              Kate McDonough

Jamie Alvarado-Taylor             Donna McBride                        Elizabeth McInturff                

Richard Hagerty                       Jeff Seaman                            Laura Kane                             

Rhian McGrath                         Jerry Hyatt                              Geoff Platnick                                    

Mark Futrovsky                         Nat Finkelstein                        Lydia Lawless

Diane Feureherd                       Lili Khozeimeh                       Todd Forster                           

Alan Levenstein                        Michael Neary                        Nicholas Picerno                     

Richard Costella                       Michael Campbell


Fortunately, this year went smoothly with no cancellations and/or rescheduling due to school closures.  I think that may be a first. 

For the first time in the past ten years, we had two new teams in the finals.  My father’s alma mater, BCC, battled my own alma mater, Churchill, to determine who would be this year’s winning team.  In a back and forth trial that was before the Honorable John C. Moffett, Churchill prevailed by three points.    

I want to also thank my colleague, Casey Cirner, for helping me obtain all the Courtrooms for all 50 plus trials, along with my assistant, Valerie Choinski, for sending out all the material to each of the judges, and my counterpart with the school system, Scott Zanni.  I would also like to thank the Sheriffs for opening the Courtrooms each night and Judge Greenberg, Judge Quirk, Judge Albright, Judge Storm, Judge Dugan and Judge Debelius for the use of their Courtrooms over the past three months. 

Finally, a big thank you to Judge Gelber, Judge Koch, Magistrate Wisor, Magistrate Segal, Magistrate Bonifant and Judge Moffett for judging and/or coaching in this year’s competition. 

This terrific program could not help without everyone’s involvement.  Thank you for a terrific year.


Brad Bernstein, Chair of the High School Mock Trial Program


Bradford S. Bernstein

Casey L. Cirner


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