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President's Message

     It’s official!! The 2014 Fall Montgomery County Bar Association Bar Bash was a huge hit.  Over 200 guests attended the event at Bar Louie for free food and beverage provided by the courtesy of our sponsors, Plant Depos and Lightspeed.  Indecent Exposure, a band consisting of lawyers and judges was well received.  Special thanks go out to David Bach, Bass; Jim Gleason, drums; Richard Rosenblatt, lead guitar; The Honorable John Moffett, rhythm guitar and Dan Gaskill, our favorite Mick Jagger impersonator.  By popular demand, our next Bar Bash is in the planning.  Thank you to all that have made this such a success!

Life is Full of Surprises....
                                             Some humorous; some bizarre

     For attorneys, who on a daily basis deal with clients or appear in court, life is indeed full of surprises. For those of you old enough to remember, Art Linkletter had a weekly television program called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  The Bar Association of Montgomery County’s version of this would be “Defendants and Counsel Say and Do the Darndest Things.”  Many of the attendees present at our annual meeting have expressed their delight with the presentation prepared by Judges John Debelius and Eric Johnson, which consisted of some of the legendary Montgomery County court room stories.

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