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We provide access to, and improve the administration of justice in our ever-evolving community.

We offer valuable benefits, services and opportunities to our members.

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President's Message

      My mother used to say “ You reap what you sow.”  It was a few years before I realized she was quoting from the Bible.  Good source, wise woman, my mother. 
     Our members have planted many seeds and we are reaping the benefits…in so many ways. Allow me to share just some of the many things I am thankful for that would not have occurred but for the generous contributions of our members. Although it is not possible provide an all inclusive list of every person who deserves credit, allow me make you aware of some recent events or actions of note.   I am truly thankful for:
The over 60 attorneys involved in creating and presenting the Creating and Improved Tomorrow (C-IT) presentation on Heroin, Opioids and Synthetic Drugs to over 6000 students in 6 public high schools and  PTA’s ; and

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